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Featured product

The New ND3T and ND3ST HF drivers

The ND3Tand ND3ST next generation High Frequency Compression drivers are now Shipping.

Please contact us for testing the high efficiency and natural sound of these new products! 



The 18 Sound Factory Video

If you enjoy How it's Made show now you can travel through each aspect of 18 Sound and see the factory and people that create these world-renowned speakers.

Enjoy this inside look!

Coming Soon

New products coming

Eighteen Sound will release several innovative new products during next months. You can have a preview of the producs recently introduced here:

The 21TNLW5000 breakthrough super sub using Tetracoil technology - a first of its kind. A preview of this new machine is available here.

The 15TLW3000 is the new tetracoil subwoofer, a perfect companion of the amazing 18TLW3000 dual gap transducer.

 The 10NW750 high performance neodymium woofer

The ND2T 1.4" exit ultra compact neodymium compression driver.

Stay tuned!