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Eighteen Sound expands its facility

Eighteen Sound expands its facility

One year has passed since a large-scale fire destroyed key areas in the newly acquired Production and Office facility of 18 Sound, in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  The fire, in July of 2013, caused serious damage and displaced key testing, Quality Control and warehousing activities at 18 Sound; but the effort to redesign and rebuild was immediate.  With every ‘disaster’ there is ‘opportunity’, and we re-evaluated our current needs and re-imagined an ‘even better’ space within our new building.

The new facility and space is taking shape and just being enclosed, prior to the oncoming seasonal changes.  This new facility will host state-of-the-art testing and Quality Control equipment, as well as a newly designed anechoic testing chamber.

Simultaneously, 18 sound has continued throughout the summer adding to the Shipping and Receiving as well as warehousing facilities.  An additional 1000sq m has been added on, and outfitted with new shelving and storage areas, providing a total 1700sq m of raw and finished goods space.

The new warehousing facility is operational, and the new testing and QC addition will come online in Q1, 2015.


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