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Eighteen Sound Appoints Rat Sound Pro Provider In U.S.

Eighteen Sound Appoints Rat Sound Pro Provider In U.S.

Eighteen Sound has appointed Rat Sound Systems as a Pro Provider in the United States.


The announcement was made by Jeffrey Cox, director of sales, North America, for Eighteen Sound.

“As a Pro Provider for Eighteen Sound, Rat Sound is now a supplier of Eighteen Sound products as well as a provider of professional support and service to the pro audio industry,” explains Cox.

“As a registered service agent, they also provide re-coning and other services to Eighteen Sound’s professional customer base.”

The concept of a Pro Provider is one that Cox created while working on the development of sales channels that would provide greater access and direct support to Eighteen Sound products to North American customers.

“The idea is to provide our customers with more than a standard supplier offers,” explains Cox. “Rat Sound has a sales division that is not only specifically tasked with sales of Eighteen Sound products but they are also uniquely qualified to provide support as well. The entire team is well versed in the design and manufacturing of loudspeakers.”


“Nearly ten years ago, while working with EAW on the design of the MicroWedge series of stage monitors, I was directly involved with the decision to use Eighteen Sound components,” adds Rat. “More recently, the new Rat Sound SuperWedge 22 is based on all Eighteen Sound components. Becoming a Pro Provider is a welcomed and natural progression of this long and productive relationship. We look forward to further supporting Eighteen Sound and the quality products they produce.”

Daniella Peters, head of the sales department at Rat Sound, along with John Karr, equipment sales and ecommerce, will spearhead the development of the Eighteen Sound Pro Provider division at the company. Peters, who has been instrumental in the creation and growth of Rat Sound’s sales department, is more than up for the task.

“Eighteen Sound has an amazing reputation in the world of pro audio,” concludes Peters. “It’s a new opportunity and one I’m delighted to be part of.”


Rat Sound General Manager Paul Freudenberg adds, “It is really exciting to be part of a new sales channel that will provide not only products but the hands on service and support Eighteen Sound customers deserve.”


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